Crossbarry Ambush - 19 Mar 1921

The Crossbarry Ambush was one of the largest battles of the Irish War of Independence. It took place at the rural crossroads of Crossbarry, County Cork, around 20 km south west of Cork city. A large body of British troops were attempting to encircle about 100 IRA men.

The British discovered from a prisoner under interrogation that the West Cork Brigade had its headquarters in Ballymurphy and that the IRA Brigade had recently returned to this area. The British therefore mobilised over 1000 men to converge on the area from several different directions. According to Tom Barry, 400 British troops came from Cork, 200 from Ballincollig, 300 from Kinsale and 350 from Bandon. Later in the day about 120 Auxiliaries also left Macroom. At Crossbarry, some of the troops descended from their lorries to proceed on foot or bicycle to try and catch the IRA unaware.

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