2nd Lt Geoffrey Turner Hotblack

1900 Sep. 23 Born Norwich, the son of Fredrick M Hotblack and Mary E Hotblack.

1901 census living with his parents in 9 Newmarket Arlington, Norwich, Norfolk

1911 census living with parents at 87 Newmarket Road Norwich

1920 Jan 26. Gazetted 2nd Lt in Essex Regt.

1920 Dec. WS 443. ...One day towards the end of the month I was working - repairing a fence in a field - and I could hear a distance off a sound as if a tractor was engaged on Winter ploughing. Tractors were not very common at this time but I did. not pay any great attention to the noise, unfortunately for myself, for the sound must have been that of a military lorry. At all events, shortly after I was ordered to put my hands up and three British Officers appeared over the fence and held me up with their revolvers unpleasantly close to me. From the description I got afterwards one was Major Percival of the Essex Regiment and another was a Lieutenant Hotblack, the man who spoke with a pronounced stutter. I did not know who the other was. Percival asked me my name end when I did not reply he told. me it himself and also told me a lot more about myself detailing activities in which I had taken part, and telling me it Was no use in denying such. I was marched away by these three Officers and down and. into Jagoe's farmyard where I was held for a considerable time while parties of the Essex Regiment assembled there apparently after raiding the locality. As each party came in me

1921 Mar 22. Died as a result of the Crossbarry Ambush. Died the following day of wounds.

Burial: St John Sub Castro Churchyard Lewes East Sussex, Plot: In South part.

1921 May 21. Probate granted to Frederick Mills Hotblack, his father

Crossbarry Ambush