Pte John Alfred Copp, Dorset Regiment.

1896 Jul/Sep. Born Tiverton, Devon. There is no "John Alfred" birth registered, there is a "John Arthur" (born Glamorgan) or a "John". The John is the only one born in Devon, and he about 7 miles from Exeter, which ties with the news report of the recovery of the body of Copp, "a native of Exeter"

1901 census at 7, Hannah Street, Barry

1911 census 10 Commercial Road, Cadoxton, Barry, Glamorgan. His mother has died and his father remarried

Born in 1896 one assumes he would have a MIC. And 2 exist for a "John Copp" in Dorset Regiment

Service Record exists for 43033 he is 25 in 21 Jun 1918. It does not appear to be him. So I conclude that 15931 is probably our man

1919 Dec 18. A soldier disappears leaving a suicide note on Waterside Quay, Derry.

1920 Jan 20 Body recovered, death in Irish GRO Jan/Mar 19120 at Londonderry vol 2, page 129. John Roche obtained information that reveals the identity of the soldier who went missing in Derry on 18th December 1919 as Pte John A.Copp of the Dorset Regiment and a native of Exeter. His body was recovered on the 19th January 1920. Press reports say a native of Exeter.

British soldiers died in Derry