Lt Richard Crawford Warren MC and bar.

1899 Born India. Son of Colonel Percy Bliss Warren, and Col Warren was in the Indian Army, so I believe this is the right man in censuses

1901 census at Grove House, Montpellier Grove, Cheltenham

1911 at St Aubyns School, Rottingdean. Richard Warren, born India

Lieutenant Warren was a former pupil of Gresham’s School in Norfolk,

had been wounded twice during the Great War.

1916 Aug 16. The undermentioned Gentlemen Cadets, from the R. Mil. Coll., to be 2nd Lts. Oxf. L.I. Richard Crawford Warren.

1917 Oct 16 gazetted MC 2nd Lt. Richard Crawford Warren, Ox. and Bucks. L.I. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He went with a non-commissioned officer across a new crater to the enemy's sap head; he returned for a mobile charge and with it damaged the sap head; he was sniped at while returning. Later, he entered the enemy trench to find the extent of the damage he caused, and discovered a fortified shell hole and a sniper's post

1918 Feb 16. Promoted Lt. Oxf. & Bucks. L.I.— R. C. Warren, M.C.

1918 Nov 29 Lt. Richard Crawford Warren, M.C., 2nd Bn., O. & B.L.I. For conspicuous gallantry in leading a party to rush an enemy machine gun. He put the gun out of action and killed or dispersed the crew. He continued to lead his men forward for an hour, though wounded, and refused to go back until the attack had made good progress. He behaved splendidly.

1921 Jun 28 A patrol of the Regiment, under Lieutenant R.C.Warren MC, was ambushed at Fortaine Cross, near Tulla, Co. Clare. He was shot and badly wounded in the ambush at 2.00 am and died of his wounds at 21.30 hrs.

1921 Jul 1. Lieutenant Warren’s body escorted to Limerick railway station on a gun carriage and was dispatched to England for burial,

1921 Jul 5. Buried at Cheriton (St. Michael) Churchyard, Hampshire. The memorial is for various members of the family, and the inscriptions referring to this man are on the sides - one says "KILLED IN IRELAND JUNE 28th 1921", the other "RICHARD CRAWFORD WARREN LIEUT. 43rd LIGHT INFANTRY"

The others on the stone are

Tulla Ambush