Cpl Stanley H Roadknight 158321, 100 Squadron RAF

1900 born There is a Stanley George Roadnight born Keynsham 1899 but not him as he dies in 1976. This chap is more likely to be Harold Stanley Roadnight born Jan/Mar 1901

1911 census at 27 College Glen Maidenhead

1917 Dec 11. Enlisted in RFC

1921 Sep 2. Died Celbridge, Kildare. Accidental death. He was a passenger in Bristol Fighter J6725, which crashed after the pilot took the aircraft up for an air test.  The pilot, Flying Officer Francis Frederick Tattam, flew to 1500 feet before putting the aircraft into a spin, from which he successfully recovered at 150 feet.  The Court of Enquiry considered that he passed out after he had recovered the spin, and crashed the aircraft, killing Cpl. Roadnight. 

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