Sgt Charles Edward Mears, 6446401, 1st Bn. Royal Fusiliers

1897 Jul/Sep born Chelsea

1901 census living at 24, Wadley Road, Low Leyton

1911 census living at 52 Rutland Road Forest Gate E

1921 Jul 12 . He was shot outside Imperial Hotel in Killarney. The armistice was announced as taking effect from 12 noon on Monday July 11th. At a quarter to 12 Sgt. Meares, Officers Mess Sgt., and Sgt Clarke - Messing Sgt., walked down to the town to order goods. They were unarmed. On arriving at the centre of the town they were held up and shot in cold blood by about half a dozen civilians with revolvers. Sgt. Meares died of his wounds the next day, but Sgt. Clarke is now happily, recovered. The attack was carefully planned and carried out with typical care for self-preservation, it being impossible for the troops to take up the persuit before the time for the truce to begin. Many protestations were made by the local inhabitants on this, as on other occasions, that the crime was committed by men who were strangers to this part of the country, whose action roused nothing but indignation in the breasts of the natives. Such expressions of feeling would have carried more weight if they had been backed by one single deed of actual assistance, or even of warning

6446011 Sgt F G Clark Wounded at Killarney 11.7.21
6446401 Sgt C E Mears Wounded at Killarney 11.7.21. Died

There appears to be no military reason for this attack.

Buried City Of London Cemetery

British Soldiers died in Ireland