Major Charles Christopher Grieve, Cameron Highlanders

1882 Born Rangoon, Burma. The family also had an address at 13, Fenchurch Avenue, London [probably the offices of the firm. His father was an East Indian Merchant.

1891 census at 68, Addiscombe Road, Croydon, Thornton Heath

1900 Aug 10. The undermentioned Gentlemen Cadets, from the Royal Military College, to be Second Lieutenants.The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders, Charles Christopher Grieve, in succession to Lieutenant E. Craig-Brown, promoted.

1901 census I cannot find him

1902 Feb 17. The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders, Second Lieutenant C. C. Grieve to be Lieutenant, vice D. McLeod

1909 Aug 20. The Queens Own Cameron Highlanders, Second Lieutenant Ralph L. McCall to be Lieutenant, vice C. C. Grieve, seconded. He was seconded as Aide-de-Camp to Governor of Tasmania

1909 Nov 27 A newspaper report of him attending a receprion in Tasmania

1910 Mar 18 Returns to UK on SS Ionic from Tasmania

1911 census at Lieutenant Charles Christopher Grieves of 1st Cameron Highlanders, Oudenarde Barracks, Farnborough

1911 Apr 27. 5th (Buchan and Formartin) Battalion, The Gordon Highlanders; Lieutenant Charles Christopher Grieve, The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders, to be Adjutant.

1914 Aug 5. The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders, Supernumerary Captain Charles C. Grieve is restored to the establishment.

1916 May 15. To Brigade Major. Maj. C. C. Grieve, Cam'n Highrs.

1918 He is at the front. His brother is reported killed

1920 Sep 22. Died in Cork, son of Son of William Grieve, of Dumfries, Scotland, and his wife Margaret ...Fractured his skull in a fall

1920 Nov 23. Probate

British Soldiers died in Ireland