Angelina Ida Jessie Schulte

1896 Jan 3.Born Coventry. Her father was Moritz Schulte.

S. Bettmann & Co and started selling bicycles by the name 'Triumph' from premises in London. In 1886, Bettmann sought a more general name, and the company became known as the Triumph Cycle Company. A year later, the company registered as the New Triumph Co. Ltd., with funding from the Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Company. In that year, Bettmann was joined by another Nuremberg native, an engineer named Moritz (Maurice) Schulte, as a partner. Schulte encouraged Bettmann to transform Triumph into a manufacturing company, and in 1888 Bettmann purchased a site in Coventry using money lent by his and Schulte's families. The company began producing the first Triumph-branded bicycles in 1889. 1919 after a argument Maurice Schulte left the company and retired

1901 census living at

1911 She is not in census with her parents and 2 sisters, but at boarding school at The cliff, 1 St John's Road, Eastbourne

1919 Oct 22. Involved with Lt David Alfred Rutherford

1925 Aug 8. Travels from HAmburh to Grimsby. She is living in Kiel

1931 Married in London . Angelina I J Schulte married Morgan H Birch-Reynardson. The GRO entry is for "Angelina I J Schulte" but the wedding announcement is for "Pauline Wendy Schulte"


David Alfred Rutherford