Tommy Clarke

Two Cameron deserters arrived at the door of Liam Deasy's(he was Ajutant of West Cork Brigade of IRA) mother's house on 24th Dec 1920 . it was at 11pm when 2 British deserters were noticed , and actually called at Deasy's house for food and cigarettes. His mother supplied them with both, but as the deserters left the house they were arrested by the IRA. They held the two at Knockpolgue in Kilbrittain area. What struck Deasy as odd was that the two men had virtually nothing in common. Monaghan was a well educated man, far above the standard of the average British soldier. The other man gave his name as Tommy Clarke and was uneducated

Monaghan was taken on by the IRA to make land mines, No mention is made of what happened to Clarke. Closest I can find is Con Flynn's WS which says The second deserter remained in the area working with farmers and never took any active part in I.R.A. activities.

MoD held files list with SVC number in Cameron Hldrs's range 2921001- 296600 but nothing for Monaghan and only one Clarke, G, 2921671 born 31/10/99. He has a tree on Ancestry indicating he died in 1989


Peter Monaghan