Suicides by British soldiers in Ireland

The majority of suicides discovered were soldiers shooting themselves. There are 46 men on this list and of these 29 shot themselves., 3 drowned , 3 jumped out a window, 3 cut their throats, rest other methods

1919 Feb 3 Sgt D McKay Died shot himself. Cork RMLI

1919 Mar 1.Trooper W T Wilson -Shot himself at the Military Barracks, Kilkenny.

1919 Apr 15. Gunner P Fay - cut his throat in Dublin

1919 May 12. Surgeon Lt E G Fisher - H.M.S "Vigorous." died Larne, suicide out of a window

1919 Jul 4 Pte F W Daykin Died Limerick. Suicide by drowning RFA

1919 Jul 7 Pte G Caygill Found Shot by a revolver Fermoy. RAF

1919 Jul 13 Pte A Stevenson Died at Mil Hos Tipperary. Cut his throat 1st Lincoln

1919 Jul 21 Pte D Lawrence Shot himself in the head. Fermoy

1919 Sep 11 Pte S Morley Suicide by cutting throat S Staffs

1919 Sep 14 Lt C H Perkins - cerebral hemorrhage, Dublin

1919 Oct 8 Lt W E Frost - poison, Dublin

1919 Nov 9. Pte V Gale - shot himself, Dublin

1919 Dec 10. QMS A J G Pile - fell out a window, Victoria Barracks Belfast. Suicide?

1919 Dec 18 Pte J A Copp - Suicide in Derry by drowning

1919 Dec 26. Pte H Corless Fell out of a window, Victoria Barracks Cork. Suicide?

1920 Feb 22 Pte J McGrath Shot himself in Clonmel

1920 Mar 30 Dvr W Hopkins Died Fermoy. Body found on railway tracks RFA

1920 Apr 21 Pte T B Sibthorpe shot himself, Ennis

1920 May 22 Sgt. J. Bates shot himself Omagh

1920 Jun 16 L/C A Noble shot himself Tipperary

1920 Oct 15 2nd Lt H E Day shot himself in Galway

1920 Nov 21 Lt H E S Spenle shot himself Dublin

1920 Dec 8 Pte D L Hamilton shot himself Clare

1920 Dec 25 Private H Naylor Died Tallaght Camp. Shot himself Royal Artillery

1921 Jan 17 Private A.J.Williams Ballyvonare, Buttevant, suicide Ox & Bucks Shot himself

1921 Feb 16 Sgt WC Rudd Died at Longford . Suicide 9th Lancers. Shot himself

1921 Feb 28 Lt V B Murray shot himself, Spike Island

1921 Mar 5 Pte W H Wiggins shot himself Limerick

1921 Mar 11. C.Sgt W A Howard shot himself Dublin Castle

1921 Apr 2. PO J Leach drowned off ship

1921 Apr 16 L/Cpl. J.Williams Died Rathdrum, Wicklow 1st Cheshire shot himself

1921 Apr 27 Coastguard A S Brinson shot himself, Buncrana, Donegal

1921 May 17 Crabbe CE iin Winter's office - ref Sturgis Diary

1921 May 19. Unknown in Winter's office

1921 Jun 16 Duncan CJA - shot himself

1921 Jul 7 J H Groves - shot himself

1921 Jul 26. Pte A Leyland - shot himself, Dublin

1921 Jul 27 Cpl S Shields Died Co Antrim. Suicide RAF Hanged himself

1921 Aug 8. F W Morrison - drowned Dublin

1921 Aug 12 PO. W H Russell shot himself, Cork

1921 Sep 10 RSM T Moss - shot himself Dublin

1921 Sep 16. Cpl A E Roberts - shot himself Phoenix Park Camp, Dublin

1922 Feb 25 Pte J Mercer shot himself, Curragh Camp

1922 Jul 15 Pte EF Taylor Died Holywood . Shot himself Somerest LI

1922 Oct 22. Pte Bevan shot himself

1922 Oct 31 Cpl B Bishop shot himself

British soldiers died in Ireland