Unknown Welsh Regt 3349420

The man appears to be 3349420 of 2nd Welsh Regiment. An article on an inquest into the death of a member of the Welsh Regt in Ballaly near Sandyford on about 15 Mar 1921. Patrick J Brennan (1st Lieutenant Dundrum A Coy) in his statement to the BMH (1173) mentions in his Witness Statement (p15) that '" An unknown man found shot dead near Lamb Doyles, Ballaly, local IRA have no information as to how this man met his death or which organisation was responsible'. (Brennan dates the death of his unknown man as 4 Feb 1921, so either he is wrong with date or it is a different man)

I had a reply from Royal Welsh Museum. I have been able to ascertain that the number 3349420 was not allocated to a soldier of the WELCH Regiment.   I appreciate that the clothing he was wearing was indeed military but if he was from 2 WELCH then there would have been a record of him being listed as “missing in action” or “AWOL” but I can find no such record of any WELSH Regiment soldier missing in 1921.   There is a possibility that he could have been ROYAL WELCH FUSILIERS but I cannot verify that

My feeling is that he was in 2nd Welch Regiment, there is not much room for error with that, but that the service number could have been, not 3349420 but was in fact 3949420, which would have put him in Welch Regt. There appears to be no easy way of getting his name.

The 2nd Battalion arrived at North Wall in Dublin on the 21st and 22nd June 1920.' A' and 'B' companies, Signallers, Band and Regimental transport went to Richmond Barracks and the rest of the Battalion went to Kilmainham Jail. The Battalion was placed in the 25th Provisional Brigade which was responsible for the northern part of Dublin. They left the city on 14th December 1922.

This man was 3949430 in Welch Regiment and is a possibility given the press reports say "3349420 in Welsh Regiment"

The British Court of Inquiry did not pursue the question of the man's identity

CO 904/189/2

Another theory is that the British shot the man as a suspected traitor. In a letter from Macready to Anderson on 16th February 1921, Macready reiterates the belief it was a member of the Welsh Regiment that help in the escape of Teeling and others on 14 Feb 1921. In his next letter of 17th February, Macready says 'We are trying by Court Martial all the men thought to be implicated in Teeling's escape, and when that is done I propose to move the regiment to the most God-forsaken part of the country I can find, only I should like you to keep this to yourself, as if it gets out before it is done, the Welsh spirit in our Lloyd may rise up and make difficulties.' Thi man was a menber of the regiment and it is conceivable that was the reason for his death.

It is also possible that he was in HLI with that number, and moved to Welsh - however the CWGC records record 3 HLI deaths, but use old short service nos

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