Alfred Schomberg Hutchinson 3349430 Welch Regiment

1895 Sep 11 Born Louth (Police records give 1895, army records give 1889). He later gives his mother's name as Georgina

1901 census at 45, North Parade, Little Gonerby. Lincs

1911 census at 4 Santley St, Clapham

1912 Sep 29. Borstal and a home for 2 years for stealing 2 medals. In London

1913 Sep 11 Enlists as a boy in Royal Navy

1914 Jan 25. 14 days detention "for sleeping in another man's hammock"

1914 May 6. 90 days prison for stealing clothing HMS Vernon. Service no J24036

1914 Aug 12. Discharged from RN on expiration of his 90 days in prison

Re-enlists - service record

1914 Dec 2. Sentenced to 6 months prison for stealing money and watch by Tower Bridge Court.

1915 Jul/Sep Married Bertha Grace Green in St Pancras, London

1915 Jul 12. Sentenced to 4 and 2 months prison by Plympton Police Court

1917 Apr 2. Sentenced in Lincoln Court to 6 months prison for stealing £7

1917 Oct 18 Enlisted RFA

1917 Oct 19 Absconded on way to join No 4 Depot.

1917 Oct 23. Arrected by civil police

1917 Oct 29 Sentenced in Cambridge Court to 3 months for stealing a ring, wearing incorrect uniform and altering documents

1918 Jan 18. Returns to duty from prison

1918 Jan 18. Immediately goes absent without leave

1918 Feb 14. Aprehended by police and taken into custody

1918 Feb 19. At Lambeth Police Court he was sentenced to 3 months prison for wearing an unauthorised uniform.

1918 May 19 Returns to duty

1918 Jun 8 Posted to 343 Brigade RHA

1918 Jun 22 Absent without leave.

1918 July 1. Charged at York posing as BSM Hutchinson of RFA and being absent

1918 Jul 9. 28 days detention from CO for wearing BSM rank

1918 Aug 7. Returns to duty

1918 Oct 6. He is lodging in Somertom, Somerset with a Mrs Cockram. He disappears after 4 days leaving an unpaid lodging bill

1918 Nov 13. Escort sent from 343 RFA Norfolk to Taunton to take Hutchinson back to Norfolk

1918 Dec 17 Admitted Norfolk War Hospital, Norwich, Norfolk. The Norfolk Hospital were unable to substantiate that he had ever served abroad. Prior to Norfolk hospital he was attached to B/343 Brigade, RFA, Flixton Camp, Bungay, Norfolk

1919 Jan 7. Transferred to Seale Hayne Military Hospital, Newton Abbott suffering from "shell shock" 82528 Gunner A Hutchinson

1919 Jan 22. Stole a watch and chain At Somerton, Somerset, for which he was later given a 3 month prison sentence

1919 Jan 28 Granted a walking Out pass at the hospital and is never heard from again by them..

1919 Apr 4. Picked up by Military Police at Crewe Station wearing Hospital uniform and a 4 bar medal ribbon (VC, DCM, Mons, General Service) and the rank insignia of a CSM as well as 2 wound bars. He was taken to Military Police Barracks in Chester the next day. From there to Kinmel Park Military Hospital

1919 Apr 6. Handed over to Guard Detention Room, Chester Castle for detention.

1919 Apr 12 Handed over to civil police

1919 Apr 24 Convicted by civil power for stealing a watch, and sentenced to 3 months hard labour at Somerton Assizes.

1919 Jul 10. Returns to duty

1919 Jul 12 Demobilised at Crystal Palace. He had been in RFA according to his record for 1 year 296 days, of which 1 year 77 days was disallowed (presumably as he was in prsion). His address is given as 4 Santley St, Clapham

1919 Aug 22. Re-enlisted in Welch Regiment as 87833 and later on change of army numbers to 3349430. He says he is "single". Posted to Cardiff Depot. He also claims to have been a Sgt in Welsh Regt and a BSM in RFA

1919 Jul 9. To be released from HM Prison Shepton Mallet and an escort is sent by army to pick him up.

1919 Sep 10 Picked up wearing the wrong uniform and altered identity documents. In custody

1919 Sep 25. Before a civil court and is sentenced to 2 consecutive sentences of 3 months each by Bristol City Bench. First for unlawfully wearing military decoration and second for altering his identity documents. This is the offence of Sep 10

1919 Sep 29 In HM Prison Burstal

1920 Jan 30. For unknown reasons the Welch Regiment decide not to discharge him. In 1919 at Pembroke Docks the 1st & 3rd Battalions, The Welsh Regiment, (The Invalids) The 1st Battalion amounted to just 5 Officers and 35 men. By 28th May 1st Battalion had reformed and were presented with their colours and proceeded to Ferozepore, India. If the 2nd Battalion was in the same sort of state and also lacked men before being posted to Ireland, this could be the reason that on 30 Jan 1920 that the Welsh Regiment decided not to discharge him.

1920 Feb 24 Released from prison

1920 Feb 27. Posted 2nd Battalion Welch Regt at Cardiff. The 2nd Battalion arrived at North Wall in Dublin on the 21st and 22nd June 1920.' A' and 'B' companies, Signallers, Band and Regimental transport went to Richmond Barracks and the rest of the Battalion went to Kilmainham Jail. The Battalion was placed in the 25th Provisional Brigade which was responsible for the northern part of Dublin. They left the city on 14th December 1922.

1920 Mar 23. On a misconduct charge at Carfiff ith Welsh Reg

1920 Aug 27. Discharged from Welch Regiment as "no longer physically fit for war service". Home address 33 Winwick Rd, Warrington

He is awarded a 50% Disability Pension of 20 shillings / week from 28 Aug 1920 to 20 Nov 1920 due to Psychosis, Exhaustion, Attributable to service. 'Disability Exhaustion Psychosis due to A.S.(Active Service)'    'Not Perm.(not permanent)' Psychosis Exhaustion: An abnormal mental condition attributable to physical exhaustion. The main symptom, a delirious state, may develop in some explorers, mountain climbers, persons lost in the wilderness, and terminally ill patients. Character, is left blank rather than the usual 'Bad'.

He is discharged from The Lord Derby War Hospital, Warrington which was situated on the Winwick Rectory Estate north of Warrington, Lancashire, built as an asylum in 1896, it was used as a military hospital with 2,160 beds during both World Wars. Between 1915 and 1920 over 56,000 wounded soldiers were treated there, and the hospital resumed it's work as an asylum in 1921. The Hospital closed in 1997 having provided care for 100 years and many of the buildings were demolished to make way for new housing.

1921 Mar 18. KORL documents include a request for more information on 20020 Hutchinson and the request was sent 12/3/21 and the reply dated 18/3/21. Further a batch of documents in NTA under H - HU - HUT, batch starts 30014 of 53648. 30019 is the one dated 18/3/21. Same day as newspaper articles. There is a mention of the civil police requesting a photo. I assume this must have come from Dublin police, following the finding of the service no. and they are trying to establish the identity of the body in Ireland.

1921 Mar 18. An article appears in the press on an inquest into the death of a member of the Welsh Regt in Ballaly near Sandyford.

Dead Welsh Regiment Soldier