Unknown Royal Scots

A British soldier is killed in the Kilrush area Co.Clare after being hit by a piece of stone when a house was destroyed by explosives as a reprisal.

The reference is from Bill Haugh’s military history witness statement. Haugh’s home was burnt in an official reprisal for the killing of Sgt McFadden RIC  No 65056 in the attack on Kilrush on the night of 22/23 April 1921 - it is in the Times as an official reprisal, but no casualties are mentioned. On the 25th the homes of Haugh (Brigade adjutant) and Sean Liddy (Brigade OC) were destroyed. Haugh’s  claims that a soldier died in each of these events, which seems unlikely. However he is putting the death between 25 Apr 1920 and 2 May 1920

Nothing on Soldiers Effects

My conclusion is that there was no such death

I tried trawling on CWGC for Kilrush deaths found on Irish Gro for Kilrush, but could get no match

The balance of probability is that there was no death due to reprisal demolitions

British Soldiers killed in Ireland

All Royal Scots on CWGC

003 BARNARD.. F 40500 16TH BN 31/03/1921 ROYAL SCOTS
004 BORLAND.. HF 32184 12TH BN 15/03/1921 ROYAL SCOTS
010 DOUGAL.. W 276064 1ST/6TH BN 20/04/1921 ROYAL SCOTS
011 FERGUSON.. W 5094 2ND/9TH BN 30/01/1921 ROYAL SCOTS
015 HASLAM.. JG 353068 2ND/9TH BN 25/03/1921 ROYAL SCOTS
016 HILL.. H 32816 - 11/08/1921 ROYAL SCOTS
020 JUNOR.. RH 50550 1ST GARRISON BN 11/03/1921 ROYAL SCOTS
021 LAWSON.. D 42459 4TH BN 15/03/1921 ROYAL SCOTS
027 PIERCY.. GB - 4TH BN 28/08/1921 ROYAL SCOTS
029 ROBB.. J 4414 TRANSF TO 7318 13TH COY 30/08/1921 ROYAL SCOTS
031 SANDERS.. J 59570 17TH BN 14/04/1921 ROYAL SCOTS
032 SHAW.. JC 15372 - 22/08/1921 ROYAL SCOTS
033 SIMPSON.. N 3045425 2ND BN 14/02/1921 ROYAL SCOTS
034 STOBIE.. G 352201 1ST/9TH BN 12/07/1921 ROYAL SCOTS
039 WILLIAMSON.. A 3046238 1ST BN 03/02/1921 ROYAL SCOTS

None of the above appear on Irish GRO as a death in Ireland