181942 Pte C J Fleming MGC



1920 Jul 29. He rode a bike to get help for the patrol that had been ambushed at Bruff. Awarded the BEM



FLEMMING, Charles John, 7814052 Private, Machine Gun Corps LG (18 February 1921, p.1361): ‘In recognition of gallant conduct in the performance of military duties’ (Military Division). Details of the incident leading to the award are given, albeit without Flemming being specifically named, in the Record of the Rebellion in Ireland in 1920-21 …(1922) thus: ‘At Bruree on 29 July 1920 during the ambush of a small party by about 50 armed rebels, a private soldier of the 1 st Bn. Machine Gun Corps volunteered to replenish the ammunition which was running short. The actions lasted about one and a half hours and it was extremely dangerous for anyone to leave the building. The man dressed himself in civilian clothes and seized a bicycle, which was beside the building, and made off with it. He succeeded in making his escape and brought back help to the beleaguered force. It was entirely owing to his courage and initiative that the party escaped annihilation’. Of the three recipients of the BEM for Ireland who were members of the MGC, Flemming is the only one whose details fit the account. Missing the investiture in Dublin on 21 March 1921, Flemming (also noted as ‘Fleming’) was informally presented with his medal on 26 July 1921 (TNA ref: WO 35/181; Record of the Rebellion in Ireland in 1920-21 and the Part Played by the Army in Dealing with it , volume 1, p.60 [TNA ref: WO 141/93]; The Machine Gunner , 1: 2: 41).



Pte J Rodgers and the Ambush at Bruff