Private William Jones, 2nd Battalion King's Shropshire Light Infantry


1899 Born (from Irish GRO) Carmarthen Wales

1919 Sep 7. Died when he was shot outside the Wesleyan Church, Fermoy, County Cork on Sunday morning when the IRA siezed the rifles of a group of soldiers.

At 10.35 a group of 15 soldiers marched to the Wesleyan Church in Fermoy. They were carrying rifles at the trail. Just outside the church they were rushed by a group of men brandishing revolvers and wooden cudgels. The attackers appear to have fired without warning or reason, and Jones fell dead, with another soldier , Private Lloyd, badly wounded. The attackers then gathered up the soldiers rifles and made off by car.

1919 Sep 8. The Coroner's Jury on the death of Jones reached the verdict that "these men came for the purpose of getting rifles, and had no intenton of killing anyone"

The Coroner's Inquest resulted in the KSLI going on the rampage and sacking Fermoy. The report on the Inquest

Feelings were running high

A number of arrests were made. The KSLI wer drafted to Cork in a matter of days and replaced by the Buffs. Tension gradually wound down in Fermoy

1920 May 3. A Head Constable claimed he had been removed from the RIC because he would not make arrests.

British Soldiers died in Ireland