L/Cpl George A Emery , Royal Army Service Corps (Motor Transport)

1899 Born

1922 May 27. Emery was with another soldier Private Dean when they were attacked in College Green Dublin at 12.40pm. Both soldiers were about to board a motorcycle and sidecar when the attack occurred. At first it was believed that the motive for the attack was robbery as two men were seen trying to wrestle the motorcycle from the two soldiers, five shots were heard and both soldiers were seen to stagger. Lance-Corporal Emery was seen to fall from the sidecar then rise and stagger up Church lane and into St. Andrew Street where he fell dead. Private Dean staggered into the post office. Both soldiers received first aid from members of the public but in the case of Lance-Corporal Emery their efforts were in vain as he had received three bullet wounds, one to the neck and two which caused fatal injuries to both lungs. The two assassins fled leaving the motorcycle and sidecar.

British soldiers killed in Ireland