Cork Shootings - 28 Feb 1921

6 IRA volunteers were executed at Cork Gaol on the morning of 28 Feb 1921.There were a series of retaliations later that day, which could have been the work of just a few individuals working outside the system, as nothing appears in any accounts about these deaths. The total distance on foot between the first and the last of the killings would have been about 2 miles

Between 6.30pm and 8.30pm a number of British soldiers were shot or wounded. I cannot find anyone claiming responsibility for these killing, one report suggests Frank Busteed, and it is certainly possible that he did it. The way the attacks were carried out suggests one man (or group) did the lot, moving through the city.

In "Execution" Frank Busteed says that his area that night was Hayes Lane, a small lovers lane near the barracks. He carried a Webly .45, and was accompanied by a young IRA volunteer from the city, who carried a torch to shine on any soldier they saw. The first couple they came to, the Volunteer shone his torch, and there was the Volunteer's sister with a soldier - that saved that soldier. The next soldier was not so lucky, the Volunteers hand hold the torch was shaking and he could not hold the beam steady on the soldier - Busteed had to shoot the soldier 4 times. They moved on, found another soldier and girl, and the soldier was shot. By now the other soldiers in the lane had started to run - Busteed pursued them, firing as he went. He says he wounded two of them, but that those men reached the barracks

The following British Soldiers were killed on the streets of Cork on the night of the Monday the 28th of February 1921. The deaths took place after the execution of six IRA Volunteers that morning. The timing of the shootings seems to have been

The wounded have been listed as



British soldiers died in Ireland