Lt Bernard Loftus Brown MC. Royal Garrison Artillery, 26th Heavy Bty.

1896 Oct/Dec. Born Edmonton

1901 census at 51 Chatsworth, Norwood

Educated at Dulwich College (O.T.C.)

1911 census living at 57 Chatsworth Road, Lambeth

1915 Apr 22. . Royal Military Academy (Woolwich) The undermentioned Gentleman Cadets, from the Royal Military Academy, to be Second Lieutenants. Bernard Loftus Brown

1916 Mar 10 Joined in the field 116 Heavy Battery

1916 Jun 5. Leave to UK for 7 days.

1917 Jan 5. Leave to the UK for 10 days. This became extented to 19 Apr, I cannot read the reason

1917 Jun 28. Attached Base Depot

1917 Apr 28 Observation course

1917 Jul 1. Promoted Lt

1917 Sep 4. Re-joined unit

1917 Oct 3. Wounded, remained on duty

1917 Oct 22 Bronchytis

1917 Oct 25. Returned to

1917 Dec 3. To hospital with injury to head. Brown has a bad riding accident in France. Near Hazebrouck his horse shied. "I was thrown with my left foot in the stirrup. My horse picked itself up and trotted on the pave with my head on the ground. I have no coherent idea of anything further"

1917 Dec 4. Gazetted MC

1917 Dec 11. Invalided to England.

1918 Jan 18 Gazetted MC. Lt. Bernard Loftus Brown, R.G.A. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion toduty. When an observation post could not be found he located and occupied one in a village under heavy fire, and endeavoured to establish and maintain communication.

1918 Oct 29. Re-joined unit in France

1919 Feb 14. Leave in UK 14 days

1919 Mar 27 Posted to 41 Brigade

1919 Apr 30. Appointed Adjutant and posted to 41 Brigade HQ. Adjt, and to be actg. Capt. (with pay and allowances as Lt.) whilst so empld., vice Lt. H. F. Leslie.

1919 Jun 12. Posted to 153

1919 Jun 21 Leave in UK for 14 days

1919 Jul 11. Course at Army Science College

1919 Aug 29 Re-join unit

1919 Oct 1. Attached RTO Farnborough

1920 Oct 29 While serving as adjutant at Fermoy he was abducted by ‘Sinn Feiners’ while travelling to Killarney by motorcycle. He was travelling with another officer

1920 Nov 1. Died Age: 24. Son of Albert Loftus Brown and Mabel Kathleen Brown, of "Holme," Chatsworth Rd., West Norwood, London.

Hollybrook Memorial, Southampton

1921 Mar 24. His motorcycle was found at Killeens, 5 miles from Cork. They were in the shed of a farmer called Casey and which was 1/4 mile from the road. The find was accidental as the police were there on an arms raid. Casey was arrested

1921 Jul 6 His father does not give up hope

1921 Nov 29. Confirmation of their death is obtained, but not of their graves

1921 Dec 22. Probate granted to his father

1922 Apr 27. His father is not happy with the communications from the War Office

And there the matter seems to have rested

His parents instituted a Nursing Prize in his memory

British Soldiers killed in Ireland