Lucas Ambush

General Lucas, who had been captured by the IRA while on a fishing holiday near Fermoy, managed to escape and reach the safety of Pallas Green RIC barracks. It was decided that he would be given a lift in a Crossley tender manned by Ox & Bucks LI, but the IRA did not know that he was aboard when they ambushed the vehicle on the 30th of July 1920 on the Tipperary side of Oola. It was thought at the time that the ambush was set up to either recapture General Lucas or kill him but recent research has shown that the ambush was set up to capture the Military Mail which was also in the Crossley Tender at the time.

The Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry Chronicle records that the two men killed in the Oola ambush

General Lucas had been captured on 26th Jun 1920 by the IRA. A report in the Times says he was not sure where he was kept captive, put he says that he was eventually able to remove bars from the windows and escape early in the morning of Jul 30th. He moved across country and got to the police station in Pallas Villaage, and informed them who he was

James Kilmartin (W.S. 881) from Monard was Captain of the Solohead Company and describes attacks on RIC Barracks and raids for arms – describes the Oola Ambush on 30 July 1920 which involved escaped IRA prisoner General Lucas

Tadhg Crowe (W.S. 1658) from Solohead took part in the Soloheadbeg Ambush and the Oola Ambush on 30 July 1920


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