Boy W Smith, 2nd Loyal North Lancs

From Mark Hifle. I think this could be Boy W Smith 4/10/1921 missing Tralee 2 Loyal North Lancs Reg. There is a young William Smith serving in the Irish Army in 1923 from Nottingham, England.

1904 Born

1920 Jul . Enlisted (from regimental number)

1921 Oct 4. 849205 Boy W Smith, 2nd Battalion Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, deserted at Tralee. See Missing List (family have had no news from him), note states serving with N.F. (Nationalist Force)

 1922 Aug 18. (8030 Res), 13572 Volunteer William Smith, Kerry No1 Brigade Infantry, attested at Tralee. aged 18 (RC). Address 122 Rosetta Road, Nottingham, Nok: Mother Mrs Rebecca Smith, 122 Rosetta Road, Nottingham (See Irish Army Census 1923 list above)

1922 Nov 13. Serving at Farranfore, 1st Southern Division, Kerry Command 13 Nov 1922.




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