British Soldiers died of Natural Causes in Ireland 1919-21

It is not always possible to be sure of the cause of death, but I have categorised the broad category of notural causes where it appears to be the reason for death. It is difficult to know who actually died in this way as I suspect few were reported in the paper, and if they were not buried in Ireland it is virtually impossible to know whether they died in Ireland

Date Soldier Incident Regiment CWGC Cause
1919 Jan 30 Private A Nisbet Not a serving soldier when he died ? HLI CWGC -----
1919 Feb 3 Sgt D McKay Died of an illness. Cork RMLI CWGC  
1919 Feb 5 Pte R Kinchington. Died of Septic Pneumonia in Kerry Australian CWGC  
1919 Feb 7 Staff Nurse M A Cox Died of Influenza Territ. Nursing Service CWGC ------
1919 Feb 11 Pte S E Brown Died Limerick Royal Welsh Fusiliers CWGC  
1919 Feb 12 PO J Sparling Died of illness, Ballycotton, Cork RN Coastguard CWGC  
1919 Feb 12 Ldg Boatman E Huxford Died from illness. HM Coastguard Cleggan. RN Coastguard CWGC  
1919 Feb 13 Pte.J.McCaffery Died of TB in Curragh Mil Hospital 2nd Manchester Regt CWGC  
1919 Feb 13 Capt H R Wilcox Illness contracted on active service Lancashire Fusiliers CWGC  
1919 Feb 20 Sgt E H Schilling Died of pneumonia following influenza. Mayo Royal Scots CWGC  
1919 Feb 20 Pte H G Yeatman Buried Curragh RFA CWGC  
1919 Feb 22 AB P Martin Died from Illness. Cork Royal Navy CWGC  
1919 Feb 22 Seaman H Newman Died of illness, Kinsale RNR CWGC  
1919 Feb 24 Pte S Hooper Died Limerick RASC CWGC  
1919 Mar 2 Lieut.S.N.Hill Died of natural causes in K George V Mil, Hosp R.A.F. CWGC  
1919 Mar 9 Pte J J Carroll Died of pneumonia in Dublin Canadian CWGC  
1919 Mar 12 AB D Roberts Died from disease, Dublin RN CWGC  
1919 Mar 16 Pte T H Strange Died Co Down Duke Cornwall L I CWGC  
1919 Mar 24 2nd Hand A Cooper Died of illness HMS Albion, Larne RNR CWGC  
1919 Apr 3 Pte I.T.Hodson Died of influenza at Limerick Military Hospital R.A.S.C. CWGC  
1919 Apr 7 Pte W Rennie Died pneumonia at Mullingar Royal Scots CWGC  
1919 May 28 Pte T Cleary Died Limerick Royal Welsh Fusiliers CWGC  
1919 Jun 3 Pte C Walker Died Limerick Royal Welsh Fusiliers CWGC  
1919 Jul 2 Private D. E. Gallichan Died Londonderry of pneumonia Dorsetshire CWGC  
1919 Jul 4 Pte F W Daykin Died Limerick RFA CWGC  
1919 Jul 13 Pte T. B Davidson Died Dublin 3rd Border Reg CWGC  
1919 Aug 17 Sgt P M Antill Died enteric fever in Dublin Royal Scots CWGC  
1919 Aug 28 Pte F.E.McLarney Buried Dublin 2nd Worcestershire CWGC  
1919 Sep 1 Cpl A H Harte-Maxwell Died of sickness at Dublin Black Watch CWGC  
1919 Sep 6 Lt J E Newton Died of fever contracted on service Cheshire CWGC  
1919 Oct 4 Pte A Nesbitt Died of desease contracted when POW MGC CWGC  
1919 Oct 11 Pte A. Barker Buried Mullingar 3rd East Yorkshire CWGC  
1919 Oct 11 Pte A.G. Williams Died Dublin 2nd Kings Shrops L I CWGC  
1919 Oct 17 Coastguard T E Webb Died from disease, Sheephaven CG Station Royal Navy CWGC  
1919 Oct 19 Private G. F. Hayfield Died Londonderry Dorsetshire Regt CWGC  
1919 Oct 27 CQMS H C Spruce Died of sickness. I suspect discharged RASC CWGC ----
1919 Nov 13 Pte S F Miller Died at Dublin died at home RASC CWGC -----
1919 Nov 21 Pte.W.E. Tancell Died Cork Kings Shropshire L.I. CWGC  
1920 Jan 5 Bandmaster J.S. Gandee Died probably natural causes at The Curragh 1st N. Staffs CWGC  
1920 Jan 23 Sub-Lt C A Markey Died Dublin of TB RNVR CWGC  
1920 Feb 20 Pte G P Raynham Died in Templemore. Natural causes? Northampton Regt CWGC  
1920 Feb 22 Sgt.G.E.Perkis Died of intestinal problems. Belfast Mil. Hospital. 1 Norfolk Regt CWGC  
1920 Mar 17 Driver J Harrison Died Curragh RFA CWGC  
1920 Mar 25 A/C 1. J.P.Boomer Living at home RAF CWGC -------
1920 Apr 3 Sgt G A Dyer Died Dublin of Syphillis RASC CWGC  
1920 Apr 7 Sapper J.McKay Died Cork Royal Engineers CWGC  
1920 Apr 15 Pte.R.J.Flatt Died of Influenza at Dublin 1st Norfolk CWGC  
1920 Apr 24 Sgt.J.F.Smythe Died Dublin 2nd South Lancs CWGC  
1920 Apr 25 Pte.A.Wheeler. Died Dublin. R.A.S.C. CWGC  

1920 Apr 28

L/Cpl.T.H.Waring Died Dublin 2nd South Lancs. CWGC  
1920 Apr 28 L/Cpl V Livesey Died at Castlebar. Scarlet Fever 2nd Border Regt CWGC  
1920 May 1 Private J Baker Victoria Barracks, Cork. Died of appendicitis Ox & Bucks CWGC  
1920 May 14 A/C 1. E.K.Cullen Died Dublin of TB RAF CWGC  
1920 May 14 Sgt. H.R.Gould Died as a result of wartime gassing RASC CWGC  
1920 May 19 Pte W H Dargie Died of pneumonia, Limerick Highland Light Infantry CWGC  
1920 May 20 BSM A E Gould Died of the results of earlier gassing in France RFA CWGC  
1920 May 20 Coastguard C Young Died of an illness. Costello Bay, Galway RN CWGC  
1920 Jun 14 Pte H Martin Died Cork of Natural Causes, kidney stone Royal Welch Fusiliers CWGC  
1920 Jun 17 Pte E Byrne Hemorrhage, City of Dublin Hospital RAMC CWGC  
1920 Jun 18 Pte H Fox Died of sickness in Cork Military Hospital. Hampshire Regt CWGC  
1920 Jun 24 Sgt Hollingworth Buried Tipperary. Natural causes? Lincolnshire Regt CWGC  
1920 Jul 5 Pte S L Robson Died of illness. Cork RMLI CWGC  
1920 Jul 11 Pte H Wild Natural causes, acute gastritis Manchester Regt CWGC  
1920 Jul 11 Sgt J F Kane ? Highland LI CWGC  
1920 Jul 21 Pte K J Surridge ? Served as "Charles Conn" Duke of Cornwalls L I CWGC  
1920 Jul 29 Pte J Henderson Died in Mayo RASC CWGC  
1920 Aug 25 Pte.A.L.Twissel Died Curragh 1st Leicestershire CWGC  
1920 Sep 2 Major C C Grieve Died in Cork, seems to be natural causes Cameron Highlanders CWGC  
1920 Sep 9 L/Cpl H.G.Thorpe Died Curragh 1st Cameronians. CWGC  
1920 Sep 9 Pte W.G. Attwell Died Dublin 15th Hussars CWGC  
1920 Sep 11 Lt C H Foulkes Unknown cause death. Odd man for CWGC West Riding Regt CWGC  
1920 Oct 9 Pte J Ward Died Cork of tuberculosis. Highland Light Infantry CWGC  
1920 Oct 18 Bugle Boy S.Pegler Limerick Hospital. Pneumonia Ox & Bucks CWGC  
1920 Nov 2 Gunner W Smyth Died Monasterevin RGA CWGC  
1920 Nov 4 Sapper W S Dawson Died Dublin Royal Engineers CWGC  
1920 Nov 18 Cpl W Cole Died Dublin RAF CWGC  
1920 Nov 21 Pte.E.W.Powell Died Dublin 2nd Worcestershire CWGC  
1920 Dec 2 Marine E A Whyman Died from Enteric Fever (Typhoid), Cork RMLI CWGC  
1920 Dec 10 L/Sgt H.B. Philpott Died Wicklow 1st N.Staffs. CWGC  
1920 Dec 11 Pte H C Anderson Died Belfast during removal of a pancreatic cyst. Dorsetshire Regt ? no  
1920 Dec 13 Cpl.Fowler Died in Enniskillen,Co.Ferm. Did not die? 9th Lancers no ------
1920 Dec 20 L/Boatman J W V Johns Wireless Telegraph Station Kingstown. Illness R N Coastguard CWGC  
1920 Dec 29 Sgt.R.Saville Died Dublin RGA CWGC  
1921 Jan 1 Pte G.F. Courridge Died of enteric fever in Tralee Mil. Hospital, Kerry 2nd Green Howards CWGC  
1921 Jan 1 Q.M.S. W.H.Peters Died of a fit, Dublin. R.A.S.C. CWGC  
1921 Jan 6 Pte F Cleave Died of disease at Fermoy Hospital, Devonshire CWGC  
1921 Jan 9 Sgt T C Lloyd Died Tyrella, Co Down Duke Cornwall L I CWGC  
1921 Jan 17 Private A.J.Williams Ballyvonare, Buttevant, not in press Ox & Bucks CWGC  
1921 Mar 1 Pte. F. H Vince Died of TB in Cork Essex Regt CWGC  
1921 Mar 8 Cpl W J Brigden Died on leave in England Essex Regt CWGC  
1921 Mar 22 Pte H.Atkinson Died Dublin 1st Lancs Fus. CWGC  
1921 Mar 26 L/C A H Norman Died of wounds in Wales 1st Loyal North Lancs CWGC ----
1921 Apr 1 L/Sgt W.W. Shorten Died Cork. Died at home? R.F.A.(509th Bty.) CWGC ------
1921 Apr 13 Pte V.W.M. Pearl. Died Dublin RASC CWGC  
1921 Apr 14 Pte.C.Egerton Died Curragh 1st N.Staffs CWGC  
1921 Apr 16 L/Cpl. J.Williams Died Rathdrum, Wicklow 1st Cheshire CWGC  
1921 Apr Unknown Accidently killed in reprisal demolitions Royal Scots? CWGC? ----
1921 May 12 Pte P Bingley Presumably Natural Causes/Accident Royal Field Artillery CWGC  
1921 May 18 Private C Harsant Died Cavan Rifle Brigade CWGC  
1921 Jun 3 P J Diment Died of illness, Cork Royal Navy CWGC  
1921 Jun 8 Private H C Williams Died in prison while serving term for manslaughter 10th Hussars CWGC  
1921 Jun 8 Gunner J.Eastman Unit based in Co.Cork. DC from Cornwall! R.G.A.31st Fire Com.d CWGC ----
1921 Jun 25 Pte D. McKenzie

Died in Co.Cork. I dont know how he died.

1st Manchester CWGC  
1921 Jul 11 Truce Post truce deaths of British Soldiers      
1921 Jul 23 Pte A Barton   Lancs Fusiliers CWGC  
1921 Jul 27 Cpl S Shields Died Co Antrim RAF CWGC  
1921 Jul 27 Coastguard T Minihane Depot Queenstown, Ireland, illness Coastguard no  
1921 Aug 6 Private C. Barton Died Londonderry Dorsetshire Regt CWGC  
1921 Aug 20 Cpl C Henney "Died on service in Ireland" Galway RAF CWGC  
1921 Sep 2 Cpl Roadnight Accidental death. Kildare RAF n/a  
1921 Sep 24 Private G H Fordham Died Dublin of a brain illness Ox & Bucks n/a  
1921 Oct 11 Pte G A Wells Died of natural causes, a disease of the liver RMLI n/a  
1921 Oct/Dec Pte.Radford. Died Curragh? Duke of Cornwall's L I n/a  
1921 Nov 9 Private A Sargent Died Curragh 10th Hussars n/a  
1922 Jan 18 Prov Sgt D Findlay Died in Ennis, perhaps after being beaten up Royal Scots n/a  
1922 Mar 20 Private J E Thomas HMS Colleen, illness RMLI n/a  
1922 Apr 26 Coastguard J Daley HMS Colleen, Queenstown, illness Coastguard n/a  
1922 Sep 6 Private Leslie Wyatt Natural Causes? Died in Dublin K O Royal    
1922 Oct 14 Pte Albert Lacey Natural Causes? Died in Dublin K O Royal