Worcestershire Regiment casualties in Ireland

1919 May 18 Pte A Beake Accidently fell off cliff. Howth, Dublin Worcester Regt CWGC
1919 Aug 28 Pte F.E.McLarney Died Dublin 2nd Worcestershire CWGC
1920 Feb 23 Sgt J Egan Died Dublin Worcestershire Regt CWGC
1920 Sep 20 Sergeant T Downton Murdered by another soldier Worcestershire Regt CWGC
1920 Nov 21 Pte.E.W.Powell Died Dublin 2nd Worcestershire CWGC
1921 Jun 19 2nd Lt A D H Breeze

Dragged from car and shot

Worcestershire Regt CWGC


Regiments with casualties in Ireland