W Muir

1893/4 Born


1920 Nov 1. Two RIC men (Constable William Muir and Constable Coughlan) were captured by the Ballylongford Company of the IRA.  Constable  Muir was brought to Moyvane where he were guarded by the local company.  The British Army issued an ultimatum that Ballylongford would be razed to the ground if two men were not released and the Kerry No. 1 Brigade HQ ordered their release.  Constable  Muir later committed suicide (27th December 1920).

Five policemen were killed and two kidnapped near Tralee, and police set the town hall on fire. Then followed the so called siege of Tralee

The military intervened and cordoned off the police while the fire brigade extinguished the flames. The next day the police set about the place with hatchets, crowbars, petrol and bombs. They plastered the walls with a message which read: "Take notice that all business premises, shops, etc., in Tralee must be kept closed and work suspended until such times as the police in Sinn Fein custody are returned. Anyone disobeying this order will be dealt with in a drastic manner."

The town was in a state of siege and, at the end of the week, many people were on the verge of starvation. A French correspondent reported: "I do not remember even during the war having seen people so profoundly terrified as those of this little town of Tralee." "The town was as deserted and doleful as if the Angel of Death has passed through it," M. de Marcella wrote. "Not a living soul in the streets. All the shops shut and the bolts hastily fastened. All work was suspended."

Bakeries were allowed to open on the 8th November, and on the 9th the military took over and posted up a notice: "Business may be resumed in Tralee tomorrow in view of the hardships imposed on loyal subjects. Other means will be resorted to for the recovery of the two police in Sinn Fein custody. Public houses will remain open until the usual hour."

At some point William Muir was released, but I have not established when

1920 Dec 27. William Muir commits suicide by cutting his throat with a razor.

1921 Jan/Mar death registered at Listowel for William Muir.

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