Lionel George Archer Cust

Lionel George Archer Cust, Col. Sir, C.B.E., 1896, 1962, Married. 1925, Margaret Violet Clowes, d 1988


1896 Jun 6. Born London .son of Sir Lionel Henry Cust, KCVO FSA (25 January 1859 – 12 October 1929) a British art historian, courtier, museum director and a member of the Royal House Hold.

1901 census at Perrystone Court, Foy, Ross, Herefordshire with his Great Grandmother

eton scholarship

1909 Jul 14 Scholarship to Eton

eton 1915

1911 Census He is a boarder at Eton College.

1915 Feb 05 Capt of Oppidans at Eton

1915 Mar 31. Gazetted 2nd Lt in RFA, 3rd Home Counties (Cinque Ports) Brigade. He had been a cadet officer in Eton College OTC

1915 Dec 25 Promoted Temp Lt.

1916 Feb 13 HQ Brigade RFA , 2nd Lt (temp Lt) L G A Cust seconded

1918 Jan 20 His secondment as a "Staff Lt" finishes

1918 Apr 9. Captured and Prisoner of War. He later wrote a book "From Ploegsteert to Graudenz: The story of a prisoner-of-war" about his experiences

1918 Dec 1. Repatriated back to UK from POW in Germany

1918 Dec 28. Class GG appointment as embarkation officer. In RA. Lt L G A Cust to be temp Capt

1919 May 2, relinquishes GG appointment

1920 Aug 21. Class HH special appointment

1920 – becomes Member of the Palestine Civil Service (for 15 years, till 1936). {Arie Dubnov's notes for the post 1920 period of Cust's life}

1921-23 – Herbert Samuel, the High Commissioner

1922 Feb 8 Appointed an Esquire in Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem

n.d. – secretary of the Bertram-Luke Commission on the Jerusalem Orthodox patriarch

1925 – Member of the Bertram-Young Commission;

1925 Jul 16. Marries Margaret Violet Louisa Clowes in London

1928-1931 – Private secretary to Sir Hugh Chancellor, the High Commissioner

1929 –  publishes  The Status Quo in the Holy Places: With an Annexe on the Status Quo in the Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem, by Abdullah Effendi Kardus. Jerusalem: Israel State Archives, 1968 [orig. 1929].

1929 Oct 14. Death of his father.

fathers obit

1929 Nov 10 Palestine riots

palestine riots

1932 Oct 28 Appointed ADC to Sir Ronald Storrs the Governor of Northern Rhodesia

1935 – March: angry exchange with Lord Melchett The Times ; Quits his job at the Palestine Civil Service. Becomes Assistant Secretary General of the Royal Empire (later renamed Royal Commonwealth) Society

1936 – published Cantonisation: A Plan for Palestine. + article "Cantonization — a Plan for Palestine." Journal of the Royal Central Asian Society 23 (1936): 194 – 220.

1937 – article: "The Palestine Report: Its Geographical Background." Scottish Geographical Magazine 53.6 (1937): 380-87.

1937 Dec 7. Gives a talk on Palestine in Bristol

1938 – promoted Secretary General of the Royal Empire Society (RES).

1939 – created O. B. E.

1939 Sep 16. Re-activated as a 2nd Lt

WWII – Military intelligence, Psychological warfare branch. RES building severely damaged during the Blitz (mid April 1941).

1941 Jun 1. Leaves UK for New York by ship. Travels on a Diplomatic Passport.

1941 Oct 25 Leaves Bermuda for New York by plane. He is an Army Major based at British Embassy in Washington.

1945 Feb 22. Mentioned in Dispatches. He was a Major (temp Lt.Col)

1946 Apr 17 By now Gen Sec of Royal Empire Soc.

1947 Aug 27. Leaves UK for Canada. "Secretary General of Royal Empire Soc"

1947 Oct 4. Returns from Canada to UK

1954 – advanced C.B.E

1959 – knighted

1962 May 22. Died

1962 May 25 Buried at Brompton Holy Trinity, London