British Intelligence in Dublin Castle

ormonde winter

Ormonde Winter

Ormonde Winter became Chief of a new Combined Intelligence Service (CIS) for Ireland. Working closely with Sir Basil Thomson, Director of Civil Intelligence in the Home Office, with Colonel Hill Dillon, Chief of British Military Intelligence in Ireland, and with the local British Secret Service Head of Station Count Sevigné at Dublin Castle (the reference to Sevigne comes from Wikipedia, but I suspect it may be Count A D R Salis who had a grade EE special appointment)

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In Dublin in March 1920, the Dublin District Command became responsible for a special branch to operate under cover. And on 27 May 1920 Lt Col Walter C Wilson became the man in charge of this unit

The Jeudwine Papers show that in the summer of 1920, Intelligence staff in GHQ Dublin comprised of the following under a GSO(1) - which was W C Wilson

The men believed to have been in the Intelligence operation are

There are a number of "incidents" that took place and need to be understood in the conext of the history of British Intelligence

The first men from the Hounslow spy school arrived in Ireland in eary summer 1920 after a short instruction course. The first batch were instructed to pose as RE officers, but when this patently failed to fool anybody, this guise was dropped. They were told to get on with getting to know the city of Dublin, trailing suspects and carrying out small raids to gather information. For example they raided Arthur Griffith's house and removed documents. Set up in July 1920, it was originally run by Charles Tegart with G C Denham as his number two. But they were replace after 4 months, and the London Bureau was taken over by Jeffries with Cameron as his number two. Cameron would later take over. Sixty agents were sent to Ireland over th 8 or 9 months that the scheme ran for.

GHQ set up a card index system to ceate an IRA List. Regular battalions in Ireland each had an intelligence officer, charged with running informers and gathering intelligence.

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