Albert Henry Carter MC MM

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1914 2nd Battalion Dorsetshires was in Poona, India. Part of 16th Indian Brigade in Poona Division.

1914 Oct 16. The convoy carrying Indian Expeditionary Force 'D' left Bombay and sailed straight to the head of the Gulf without stopping, and anchored off Bahrein.

1914 Nov 5. Served in Mesopotamia. Battalion landed in Fao, Persian Gulf, for campaign in Mesopotamia, as part of Indian Expeditionary Force 'D'. 600 British troops including some Royal Marines were landed near the old fort at Fao, which they captured. The rest of the Force sailed on to a place where they could safely disembark, at Sanniyeh. Considerable difficulty was encountered as there were no barges, tugs or small boats suitable, and land transport was poor. These were factors that remained throughout the Mesopotamia campaign.

1916 April 29 : Bn captured at Kut-el-Amara. I don't know at what point he transferred to Lancs Fusiliers, whether before or after Kut, one assumes before

1918 Jun 12 MM gazetted. 40544 Cpl. A. H. Carter, Lan. Fus. (Bath).

1918 Jul 1 The undermentioned to be 2nd Lts. for service in the Field: Sjt. Albert Henry Carter, M.M., from Lan. Fus.

1918 Aug MC citation "2nd Lt. Albert Henry Carter, M.M., 1st Bn., Dorset. R,. At Herleville on 25th August, 1918, he showed great gallantry and initiative in leading three bombing attacks on the enemy trenches, which he captured, thus advancing our line 200 yards, and causing heavy casualties. He was suffering at the time severely from blisters caused by gas, but continued to command his men with an endurance and devotion to duty that was a splendid example to all under his command.

1919 Jul 25. Dorset. Reg . 2nd Lt. A. H. Carter, M.C., M.M., retires, .receiving a gratuity.

1920 Jan 9. Resigns commission - Temp. 2nd Lts., and retain the rank of 2nd Lt.:— A. H. Carter.

1920 Jul 17 Special Appointment Cl II on same group as Tottie

1920 Nov 20 The undermentioned relinquish their temp, appts of Cl II.: — A. H. Carter, M.C., M.M., Res. of Off., (Also on same list Lt. A. Anderton, M.C., R.H. & R.F.A., T.F. Temp. Lt. C. H. Colley, Gen. Last. 2nd Lt. and Buckton)

1920 Dec 28. Dorset. Rt—The undermentioned 2nd Lts. to be Lts., 1st Jan. -1924, with seniority 28th Dec. 1920: A. H. Carter, M.C., M.M.



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