Frances Rabbits

Frances Rabbits, passport app

1887 Aug 7 Born in Springfield Ohio. Her father was postmaster, an attorney and journalist in Springfield, Ohio.

1900 United States Federal Census: Frances Rabbitts. : in her parents house at Springfield Ward 1, Clark, Ohio. Her father James H Rabbitts had been born in England circa 1853, and her mother Cornelia was born in Baltimore, Maryland circa 1858. Other sibling was brother Burt aged 16,

1909 June Goes to France

1910 Jul 6 arrives back in New York on SS Potsdam from Boulogne-Sur-Mer, France

1910 United States Federal Census still living with her parents at Springfield Ward 1, Clark, Ohio. Brother Burt there too

1913 Feb. Leonard Wilde, born Reading UK c.1891/2, occupation teacher, lands at New York en route to "c/o H.S.Chown, Ringbert College, Cuba". Horace Stanley Chown (born Wandsworth 1880) is a teacher/professor who travels back and forth between Cuba and the UK via New York several times between 1913 and 1945. Googling his name reveals that he was author of Spanish and French language courses (Hispanophone: Method for Learning Spanish and Francophone: Method for Learning French in the 1930s). There may or may not be a connection here as to how she met Wilde. It may be just coincidence, but an ancestor of Horace Chown married a Rabbitts from Wiltshire in the 1840s. I couldn't find any positive link to Frances' father (who was born and bred in Ohio anyway), but Rabbitts is a very rare name.

1914 Jul 2. Leaves USA for Europe

1914 Aug 20. She makes an emergency passport application in Venice

1914 Sep 30. Arrives back in Boston, USA on SS Arabic

1917 Nov 24. Sails to France on the French Line to do "hospital work" and describes herself as a "former teacher". She worked with the French Red Cross at Hopital Auxiliaire 521 in Paris.

1919 Feb 12, Married Leonard Wilde in Notre Dame in Paris.

1919 Jun 16 Mrs Frances Wilde arrived at New York as a passenger aboard the SS Espagne from Le Havre. She gave her age as 30 and was going on to Springfield, Ohio which was where she was born. Her last place of permanent residence had been in Madrid and she gave as the name and address of a near relative or friend in the country from whence she came as ' Husband - Madrid - Spain'.

1919 Jun 29 Frances returned to the US in 1919 soon after getting married probably because her father was on his death-bed. James Henry Rabbitts, husband of Cornelia Burt, died on 29 June 1919, just a couple of weeks after Frances arrived in New York from Spain. His death was announced in the Springfield Daily News of 2 July 1919.

1921 Sep 21. Frances Wilde arrives into NY again, gives her "next of kin" in Paris as a friend called "Grommbach" of "34 Rue Laugier". She puts on the form that she is going to see her mother in Ohio for 3 months. Her mother Cornelia is on the passenger lists of ships from Le Havre to New York in March 1921, January 1925 and July 1929, when she is aged 70. However, none of these give her address in France. Cornelia died in Springfield in 1934.

1938 Nov 24 Arives in New York from Gibralter on SS Vulcania. He address is Dept of State, Washington, and she is Mrs Frances Rabbitts Murray, travelling with Mr Wallace Smith Murray (the date of birth is given and is correct)

There exists today a Wallace S Murray and Frances Rabbitts Murray Memorial, a registered charity in Springfield, Ohio. In 2007 it filed its assets as $537,000 and its objective was "supplying money, goods or services to the poor". I assume she remarried to Wallace Smith Murray



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