ET/50743 Driver John Connaughton, 21 Company, Royal Army Service Corps


1915 Jan Enlisted as a Transport Special, Army Service Corps. Driver/Sadler TS/5490 , Army Service Corps TS Transport Specials. TS means that the man was specially enlisted for his trade: in other words, he came from civilian employment in a trade that was of direct value to work in the Horse Transport as Sadler

1915 Apr 5. Disembarked in France

1919 Jun 25. discharged Re-numbered T/8316 Driver John Connaughton, Army Service Corps T/ Horse Transport

1919 Jun 26. Re-enlisted Royal Army Service Corps. Driver ET/50743 Driver John Connaughton, Royal Army Service Corps ET Horse Transport

1921 Aug 24. 1914-15 issued

1921 Oct 11. Deserted at the Curragh from no.21 Company, Royal Army Service Corps

1921 Dec 24. BWM & VM issued

1922 Nov 28. BWM & VM returned

1923 Aug 30. 1914-15 returned

Missing in Ireland