In a book by William O'Brien, an Irish Trade Union leader, says : Another officer came along and said to Major Carew : "What are we going to do with this fellow? " pointing to me. " Mr. O'Brien and I are going down to have lunch," said Major Carew, very coolly. We had a small restaurant on the ground floor in Eden Quay, and we went down. He, or some of his officers, had been there and told the man in charge, Wilson, that they would all have lunch there. I sat at the table and had lunch. All the officers went off afterwards, except one, who apparently remained there for my benefit ! The raid commenced precisely at twelve o'clock and lasted until about 5.30 pm In the meantime we had a meeting arranged for twelve o'clock. Joseph McGrath was to be at it. He was manager of our health insurance department. Cathal O'Shannon was to be there also. They were a bit late and when they arrived the place was surrounded, not only by the Black and Tans , but by a huge number of people looking on.


Liberty Hall at No 18 Beresford Place, at the corner of Beresford Place and Eden Quay, had links with progressive movements of the past.