McKee and Clancy Raid

On 20 November, Clancy, along with members of the GHQ staff, met at 35 Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin. The meeting was called to discuss the final arrangements for the Bloody Sunday murders. Having concluded the meeting, they dispersed, Collins, Clancy and some of the others went to Vaughan’s Hotel. While in the hotel, the porter, Christy Harte, became suspicious of one of the guests, a Mr Edwards. Edwards had made a late-night telephone call, and then left the hotel. Harte informed the Volunteers, who then quickly left the building.

fitzpatrick 1911

1911 Census Sean Fitzpatrick in Upper Gloucester St

McKee and Clancy were captured at Sean Fitzpatrick's house at 36 Gloucester Street and brought to Dublin Castle. Breen in his book says that Ryan telephoned the information on McKee and Clancy to Dublin Castle and the premises in Gloucester St were raided by the British at 2am. Paddy Kennedy's Witness Statement says "Ryan was spying on wanted men at night time.Curfew made no difference as far as he was concerned, he could be out at any time during the night. It was established that he was the man who tracked Dick McKee to a house in Gloucester Street and that he chalked, by arrangement, the door of the house in which McKee was stopping on the night he was arrested there. The idea of the chalk mark was to guide the Auxiliaries to the house in question

The Dublin North Inner City Folklore Project have put up a plaque in memory of Dick McKee and Peadar Clancy at 36 Lower Gloucester Street, now Seán Mac Dermott Street, at the house in which they were arrested. Seán Fitzpatrick was an IRA Intelligence Office.

WO 35/174, search and raid reports carried out in Dublin in 1920/21. Capt.W.L.KING was involved in the majority of the raids
1) Date of Search- 21.11.20   01.30 hours
2)Place Searched   36 Gloucester Street, Lower
3) Name of Householder in full, together with place of birth and occupation
J. Fitzpatrick  Dublin, Auctioneers Assistant.
4) Names of all other persons found on premises searched, together with place of birth, and permanent residence; and occupations.
R.McKee      Dublin     Compositor
B.Clancy      Dublin     Draper      unemployed
J. Fitzpatrick Dublin    Auctioneers Assistant.
The headings were on official notepaper, the report was handwritten, on the top left hand corner of page 1, was written- Capt. W.L.King, to the right in different handwritting-
First two prisoners shot in Coy. Guard Room 22/11/20 attempting to escape.
5) Articles seized in Search by Capt.W.L.King in front room . Ground floor
6) Persons arrested ( if any ) R.McKee, P. Clancy, J.Fitzpatrick
7) a) Reason for Search; Seditious literature, Arms, Ammunition
b) Composition of Search Party; Officers, T/Cadets. Armoured Car. Searchlight.
d) Disposal of Persons arrested ( if any ) R.McKee, P.Clancy  Coy. Guard Room.
J. Fitzpatrick transferred to Beggars Bush Bks. 21.11.20
Date of Report- 21. 11. 20.    Signed Capt.D.I.1. O.C. F. Coy. Aux Div R.I.C.
Forwarded by    Capt. D.I.1. O.C. F. Coy. Aux.Div. R.I.C.


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