Castletownshend Jun 1921


3 Marines reported to have been kidnapped at Castletownshend, Co Cork 21 June 1921, one who was later  reported to have escaped that night.

WS 603 Stephen O'Brien. 1 remember when three Marines were kidnapped in Castletownshend. A rather amusing thing happened. There were half a dozen of us had one of them and when we retired for the night, which was to lie down under a boat sail, the Marine was put in the middle of us. Despite a scout we had standing nearby the Marine managed to slip out while we were asleep and got away. This was at Milleenahorna. This meant that we had of course to clear away at once from this neighbourhood. Paddy O'Sullivan, the Battalion Quartermaster, did better. He tied the Marine prisoner entrusted to him to his wrist and ankle in the bed he occupied in the billet




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